sewing paper

I’ve been in the grip of an obsession after taking Mary Ann Moss’s online class ‘Stitch-Bookery’.   Take scraps of paper ephemera, together with a healthy dose of imagination and fun… throw in a sewing machine and some colored thread (or plain old ivory thread) and you have a recipe for endless hours of creative exploration.

Mary Ann is a wonderful teacher, both online and in real life (to her lucky schoolchildren students), and is a genius at combining color, pattern and texture in her work.  There is something incredibly tactile about sewn paper, it begs to be squeezed and stroked and scrunched.  I like to use vintage papers wherever possible so they have their own worn patina and unique history.

Here are a few examples of the books and pages that I created during this class.  If you love paper, books and sewing, I can’t recommend it highly enough.