breaking out

Whether you’re making books from expensive rare papers or junk scraps of paper, it’s  probably true to say that every book needs some sort of structure for the book to ‘work’.  After spending time making books, I often find myself breaking out into the world of collage and mixed media.  It feels good to get messy, have no rules or constraints, tear, slice and pull papers apart, splash on paint and glue and follow wherever the paper takes me.

Right now I’m doing just that and getting really inspired by some of the old things I’m digging out of boxes and drawers.






There was also the time that I was tearing up an obscure discarded 1950’s gardening book to realize that I was actually tearing up a picture of my own garden.  The coincidence was too much to fathom but it’s nice to see that it hasn’t changed a bit in over fifty years…